Friday, March 31, 2017

City of Stars

The Griffith Observatory is one of my absolute favorite spots in LA. I live pretty close to it so it's really easy to hike up or visit when I want to. & it has one of the most beautiful views of LA, especially at night. I moved to LA about 4 & a half years ago to pursue a career in music. I can't say it's been easy or that anything has worked out how I had thought it might, but it's honestly been the best experience of my life so far. Moving somewhere where I didn't have any friends or family within a 500 mile radius was the best thing I could've done. It’s allowed me to truly grow & have so many experiences & opportunities that I may not have had otherwise. The first time I drove on the freeways out here, I was sure I was going to die haha but I cry-sang my way through it (Jess from “New Girl” style) until I made it home & realized I was capable of surviving new & hard things. I'm absolutely obsessed with LA & all it has to offer & the endless amount of options of things to do. I work 3+ jobs to pay for my life out here & to me, it’s worth every second. Making the necessary sacrifices to pursue something that I am so passionate about has just made the hope of attaining my goals even sweeter.

If you have a dream, something that ignites your passion for life & you can't imagine a life any other way, then you should go for it. It's absolutely possible to make it work in whatever way is right for you. I am still so amazed & grateful every day that I've been able to pay for my life out here & have the moments & experiences that I do. I don't think there is one certain path for success in your pursuits in life. It's different for everyone. It's okay to not do what it might seem like everyone else is doing with their lives. It's okay to try new things & go new places & find what lights that fire in your life.

Anyway, those are my scattered thoughts on that subject haha I hope everyone has a lovely day! 

♡ Cait



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