Sunday, March 19, 2017

Santa Barbara

I went up to Santa Barbara a couple weekends ago with some friends & it was so beautiful! I absolutely love LA & its city vibes, but there is something so different & calming about Santa Barbara that really attracts me. It's not too far away (about an hour & a half or so drive up the coast) so it's very easy to make a quick day trip if you're feeling the need for a little adventure. We went to this rocky beach spot by UCSB that was stunning. The tide pool area had a ton of green moss everywhere & it was pretty magical looking. All this rain we've been getting lately has been making everything so freakishly green! It’s like someone has gone in and photoshopped the saturation in real life haha. Anyway, for anyone looking to get away for a minute, I highly recommend Santa Barbara. It will not disappoint!

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