Thursday, August 16, 2018


You GUYS. I'm fiiiiinally getting around to sharing some photos from our honeymoon on the gorgeous island of Aruba. It was honestly a dream & so beautiful there. My hair was an absolute nightmare the whole time we were there though haha. The humidity was not very kind to my long mane.

The water was a lovely sea foam green color & our resort was right on the beach with the smoothest, white sand. I've never experienced the Caribbean side of the world so it was all very exciting for me! My favorite thing by far on our trip was our day trip to Renaissance Island with the flamingos (post on that here). Other than going into town a couple of times, we mostly relaxed at our resort (the Divi Aruba All Inclusive), which we really loved.

Here's just a couple tips/things we learned from our honeymoon:

-Bring cash or local currency! For tipping, bus/cab fare, local markets, etc.
-Use a credit card instead of debit. It's safer.
-Book your stay at an all-inclusive resort if you can. It was so nice to never have to worry about where we were gonna eat each day.
-Don't overbook yourself with too many activities/things to see & do. Just relax & take in the special time you have together!
-Wear LOTS of sunscreen. You definitely don't want to get burned your first day there haha.

If you have the chance to travel to Aruba, do it! It's a genuinely happy, lovely place to visit. It's literally referred to as "One Happy Island."



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